Looking For An Expert In EPDM Roof Membrane Systems?

EPDM Roof Membrane SystemsNova Builds specializes in repairs, replacements, and maintenance of EPDM roofing systems. If you are a local Florence area business owner with a flat roof, it is likely to be EPDM. This is a common rubberized roofing material that is used on commercial flat roofs and low-sloped roofs.

Our expert commercial roofing contractors can help you identify the material when you call for service. We carry a full line of EPDM membrane roofing materials for flat roofs. We use only quality materials so you can rely on your commercial roof for years to come.

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Repairing Leaks On Your EPDM Roofing System

Your EPDM roof can often be patched to extend its life. Let us inspect the leak problem to determine what is causing it. We'll provide a competitive estimate for the repairs and can take care of them relatively quickly.

A liquid of the same material can often be used to patch the leak.

This rubberized roofing system is very tough, but it can have problems. You can count on our commercial roofers to solve the leaks for good.

Replacing Your EPDM Roof

If it's time to replace your commercial roof, you have choices between EPDM, TPO, and PVC. All are membrane systems that are rated for flat roofs on commercial buildings.

EPDM roofs will stand up well to dry or humid climates or freezing snow and ice. Since we live in a relatively hot climate, we recommend coating the EPDM membrane with a reflective elastomeric coating to reflect the heat. This also improves the performance of the EPDM roofing system.

No matter the type of membrane you choose, you can count on our quality workmanship to handle the replacement correctly.

Steps To Maintain EPDM Roofing

This roofing system needs regular maintenance just like any other commercial roof, but the care is pretty minimal when compared. It's important to keep debris off the roof and clean it regularly.

As far as professional maintenance, regular inspections are important. Our roofing contractors look for problems like loose or crumbling roof sealant and drainage issues. Damage usually occurs at seams and along edges of the membrane. Cracks, bubbles, blisters, and torn seams need to be repaired right away as a part of maintaining the roofing system.

If you need an expert roofing contractor for EPDM roofing in Florence, SC or surrounding areas, call 843-601-2260 or completing our online request form.

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